How to

Nominate a Candidate for Golden Bagel Consideration

  • Fill out this PDF form
  • Submit the form and other requirements to
  • You will receive an auto response that your nomination was received and someone will get back to you within 30 days

The Golden Bagel Award event is an opportunity to recognize those community activists who are deserving of recognition — the synagogue athletic coach, the sponsor of an all-Jewish team, a volunteer referee, the unsung heroes who have made contributions to the Jewish community.

The Northern California Jewish Sports Hall of Fame selects Bagel Award recipients from a slate of nominees, the Board of Directors endorses the nominations.

The Executive Committee welcomes nominations from the Northern California community.

If you wish to nominate a candidate for the Golden Bagel Award:

  • Your nomination should detail the contributions of the person you feel is deserving of the award.
  • The nominee should have a Jewish identity, but the contribution is not necessarily restricted to the Jewish community (i.e. a basketball coach in a public school where the team does not consist of all Jews).

To nominate a potential award winner, please download our Golden Bagel Award nomination form here, and follow the instructions above.