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eligibility and requirements

Any Jewish secondary school student (male or female, grade 12) in Northern California may be nominated or apply for the awards. Criteria for eligibility:

  • One who identifies themselves as a Jew, or who acknowledges their Jewish heritage, or one who wants to reconnect with their Jewish ancestral identity.

Please send nominations or applications (no more than 150 words) stating why this person is worthy of recognition. Students may nominate themselves or other worthy students.

Please include the following along with the nomination:

  • A letter from the student who is applying (not to exceed 150 words)
  • A letter from a person who is familiar with the student applicant (not to exceed 150 words)
  • A list of athletic participation signed by a coach or counselor
  • Transcript of grades [up to date of application or nomination] (must include verification stamp)
  • A complete list of community service and extracurricular activities
  • Additional letters of recommendation (not to exceed three) from administrators, counselors, teachers, coaches, clergy, parents, etc.
Final date to submit nomination and/or application

The final date to submit applications is September 15, 2021. High school juniors and seniors will be able to apply.  Scholarships will be awarded at our planned October 24, 2021 Induction dinner.

Send to:

Email completed applications to Gary Weiner at: